About The Courses

Check back later this winter for our new course route map.

2K (1.24 miles)

2k course
The 1.24 mile walk/run is a scenic loop that takes walkers/runners southeast along the gravel and wood chipped trails around Hauser’s pond, through the coniferous woods, crossing Big Creek, via a wooden bridge, returning through the pine plantation west toward the finishing area.

5K (3.1 miles)

5k course
This course follows the perimeter trail of the Crossroads property, through the coniferous woods, over the wooden bridge north of the Hanson House historical site, and to gravel upgrade beside an old orchard. Runners will head north on grassy trails past the Stonecipher Astronomy building and will follow a trail around Crossroads’ original 53 acres. Runners then head back past the Leif Everson Observatory weaving through The Wild Ones Meadow and crossing Big Creek via wooden bridges to the finish line. Trail includes single and double track, with woodchip, gravel, and dirt foundations. Each mile is marked.

10K (6.2 miles)

10k course
This course follows the 5k route, splitting off at the southeast corner near the Observatory road entrance. Runners will leave Crossroads property and continue up Cove Road to hook up with a private trail system. The return will find runners merging into the 5k route to the finish line.

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